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Proud to announce our second location TheStudio SoHo- now offering Yoga, Barrecode, Indoor Cycle & Reformer Pilates classes. We also compliment our workouts with an onsite masseuse.  Memberships can be used across both locations.
TheStudio SoHo - 273 Davey Street, South Hobart. For more details please phone 0407 122 950 or e-mail
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Always wanted to start Yoga but unsure where to begin.... perhaps you've already caught the Yoga bug and are looking for a little more guidance on technique and how to 'flow' from one asana (posture), to another. This 4 week beginners Yoga workshop has been meticulously designed with Hobart's best Yogi's to help you begin or enhance your Yoga Journey.
Starting Saturday 27th of August, class times: Saturday 11am, Sunday 3pm, Tuesday 9:15am and Friday 10:30am (you pick 2 class times to attend each week).

TheStudio Method


We believe that Pilates is for everyone, from a beginner looking to start gently exercising in a safe no-impact environment to a seasoned athlete looking to gain an edge, while optimising their training and efficiency of movement.

Our studio, set in the heart of vibrant Salamanca offers clients private or group classes on the latest Pilates Reformers and apparatus in a beautiful warm, yet vibrant setting. Our highly trained staff ensure that each class helps you to attain every benefit of Pilates, whether utilising the springs to increase load or a higher tempo workout to incorporate a cardio hit. A focus on improving core control and stamina while simultaneously lengthening and strengthening all of the bodies main muscle groups helps you to achieve a balanced all round physical and mental state. A large component of the Pilates method is building self-awareness and mental control too often lost in our busy lives. We are aware of the workouts Hobartians enjoy and focus on strengthening your muscles from deep within.

Pilates is for everyone: the athlete, the office worker, the injured, the strong, the flexible and inflexible, the dancer, the boxer, the expecting or new mother, the young, and the elderly. Pilates is ageless and genderless. With hundreds of exercises Pilates will push you further than you ever thought your body could go.



Working Out With Us

Reformer Pilates

  • These classes are based around the famed Pilates Reformer Machines. We have 11 of the latest model Allegro (A2) reformers. Why 11 you may ask... we believe in quality and not quantity and have found that 11 clients to one instructor is the right balance between a great group workout while allowing our instructors to cast a helpful eye over every client to ensure everyone achieves a full body workout by targeting and engaging specific muscles by doing the pilates exercises in the correct movement. The reformer and small class size allows everyone to walk out of each session knowing they have achieved, and improved muscle strength and tone as well as posture and most importantly overall core strength.

HIIT or Cardio Reformer

  • Are a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class that is a proven method of achieving superior cardiovascular health as well as being one of the most effective training protocols for reducing excess body fat. These classes are fast paced and full of new exciting and fun moves that will have you leaving with amazing new levels of peak fitness. A great way to start your day feeling energised and keep the body burning for long after the session.

Indoor Cycle

  • Our Sister Studio up at SoHo is Hobart's Latest Indoor Cycling venue. Offering a number of RPM and Freestyle classes on the newest state-of-the-art Stages Indoor Trainers. Our highly qualified Instructors deliver workouts like no one else in Hobart and have you leaving on an absolute high, albeit a sweaty one. The latest bikes from Stages Cycling are the smoothest indoor trainers on the market and include a crank based Powermeter paired with a fully lit display featuring Speed, RPM, Calorie expenditure and Heart Rate all in real time to show you true output. Our "Sufferfest" classes utilise all that these bikes have to offer and are rated as the "World's best indoor cycling experience". With 2 flat screen T.V's and a surround sound system you will find yourself completely immersed in each of the epic rides. Featuring footage from the Tour De France, Giro D'Italia, Vuelta and many more epics each ride takes you on an unforgettable journey. The on-screen prompts and our Instructors will have you Climbing, Attacking and Sprinting your way through each video. Some of the hardest but most rewarding 1 hour workouts you will ever accomplish.   

Barre Attack

  • A slight twist on the original Barre classes from New York. Barre Attack is a fusion of Mat Pilates and Ballet Barre Strength moves done to music at a cardio pace. This class is sure to make you sweat as it is an entire body workout done at a fast pace. Barre attack compliments reformer Pilates well and is a great way to elevate your heart rate and tone your entire body.  


  • We introduced yoga not only for it's similarities to the Pilates method and creating a mind-body connection, but for all the other qualities you can achieve through practicing Yoga. These classes are designed to help release both mind and body by challenging you to find positions that will help melt the knots within your muscles whilst increasing your strength, flexibility and mental strength, as well as connecting you to your core. A great way to unwind after the workday while also experiencing a challenging workout that will have you leaving the studio with a sense of enlightenment no doubt.

Private Sessions

  • We offer a variety of private sessions to cater for specific needs. Whether it be a true 1 on 1 private with your choice of instructor, or if you would prefer to workout with only those you know in a private group setting. These sessions can help you achieve whatever goals you have in mind. Whether under going re-hab for a specific injury or operation or just wanting to work at your own pace with a conscientious focus on the exercise and movement at hand under the watchful eye of one of our highly trained instructors. Everything about our private sessions is tailored to suit you as an individual and our focus is on helping you achieve whatever it may be you have in mind. 

TheStudio in Your Home or Workplace

  • We have also started working with some workplaces helping to deliver classes tailored to the workplace and team. After an initial consultation to discuss the who, what and when, we are able to arrange an instructor to come to you to deliver a challenging but fun workout for your group. This is becoming increasingly popular within workplaces during office hours as research has shown that fit and active employees are not only more productive during the workday but also take less sick days are happier and tend to work better in team environments. A 30min-60min mid-day exercise program has been shown to improve cardiovascular health as long as reduce the risk of work place related stress, sickness and injuries while also creating a more cohesive happy team.  

Join Us

The perfect Introductory Offer:

1 private and 4 class sessions $150 

1 private $70

Can't Get Enough Unlimited Packages:

Annual unlimited     $1600

6 month unlimited   $860

3 month unlimited   $470

1 month unlimited $175
(please note these cover all class types)

Making Them Count Reformer Class Packs:

5 pack of classes    $130

10 pack of classes  $220

20 pack of classes  $400

30 pack of classes  $570

50 pack of classes  $750
(please note these cover all class types)

Cycle and Sweat it Packs:

5 pack of classes $90

10 pack of classes $160

20 pack of classes $290

30 pack of classes $375

50 pack of classes $575
(please note these cover Cycle, Barre & Yoga classes)


Direct Results, Direct Debit:

2 clases per week  $33

3 classes per week $39

4 classes per week $45

5 classes per week $50

(please note these cover all class types)

Barrecode Burn & Yoga Bliss Passes:

5 pack of classes $80

10 pack of classes $150

20 pack of classes $280

50 pack of classes $500
(please note you can book Barre & Yoga classes on these packs)


I'm Just Casual Visits:

 Casual reformer    $27

Casual Cycle        $22

Casual Yoga          $18

Casual Stretch      $15

Casual Mat Pilates $18

Casual Barre         $18

***Please note we offer 15% discount to students, purchases need to be made via the phone or in the studio***






Terms and Conditions:

All class packs, direct debits and unlimited packs are valid only for the individual assigned. No refunds, extensions, or swaps are available. 
All packs are valid for a maximum of 1 year from the date of purchase.

Failure to attend classes is deemed non-attendance and does incur a $10 fee. Charged directly to your credit card.
Cancellations must be made 6 hours prior to the beginning of class, otherwise the class is lost or deemed a late cancel for unlimited members and will incur a $5 fee charged directly to your credit card..

Direct Debits can be held free of charge in fortnightly blocks.


Workplace Workouts

Workplace Workouts are fast becoming the next big thing for business productivity, improved employee health and well-being as well as increasing team work through the bond created while experiencing the same physical and emotional workout. We are proud to offer programs that are tailored to your specific needs and wants as a workplace, either at our studio or at your very own workplace. We have been consulting and working with different groups around Hobart and all of them have seen results far beyond what they ever imagined.

Early adopters of Healthy workplace programs are finding that not only are their employees happier and more satisfied both at work and at home but workplace productivity has dramatically increased and employees are taking far fewer sick days as well as workplace related injuries having decreased significantly. We are proud to be able to offer what we believe is one of the most beneficial forms of exercises in either Mat Pilates, Yoga or Reformer Pilates right to your workplace. We are happy to sit down and discuss our range of Workplace Workout options with you free of charge to find a solution that helps your business and employees prosper and we are excited to offer our services right at your work place. 

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