TheStudio Method


We believe that Pilates is for everyone, from a beginner looking to start gently exercising in a safe no-impact environment to a seasoned athlete looking to gain an edge, while optimising their training and efficiency of movement.

Our studio, set in the heart of vibrant Salamanca offers clients private or group classes on the latest Pilates Reformers and apparatus in a beautiful warm, yet vibrant setting. Our highly trained staff ensure that each class helps you to attain every benefit of Pilates, whether utilising the springs to increase load or a higher tempo workout to incorporate a cardio hit. A focus on improving core control and stamina while simultaneously lengthening and strengthening all of the bodies main muscle groups helps you to achieve a balanced all round physical and mental state. A large component of the Pilates method is building self-awareness and mental control too often lost in our busy lives. We are aware of the workouts Hobartians enjoy and focus on strengthening your muscles from deep within.

Pilates is for everyone: the athlete, the office worker, the injured, the strong, the flexible and inflexible, the dancer, the boxer, the expecting or new mother, the young, and the elderly. Pilates is ageless and genderless. With hundreds of exercises Pilates will push you further than you ever thought your body could go.