Virtual 10 Pack

If you like to dip a toe in the water before getting fully immersed we’ve got an option you’re going to love. If you haven’t yet experienced what we’re all about then this is where you start, or maybe you enjoy us on a semi-regular basis. That’s ok we’re not upset, just glad to enjoy your company and experience the highs of crushing a workout together. We’ve made our 10 pack flexible with a full 12 month expiry. Take us for a spin (pun intended) over the next 10 sessions and let us know what you think.


10 Pack


12 month validity

up to 10 classes

  • Pilates | Yoga | Barrecode | Cycle
  • only $23 per class
  • excellent value
  • generous 12 month expiry
  • perfect way to get started!


Have questions? Chat with us on 03 6223 7553 or drop us a line here.