2019 Membership Upgrade – Everything you need to know

All the information about your membership upgrade is available here, from understanding which option is best for you and how to get the most out of your membership  to what the differences are from July 1.

Over the past 6 years we’ve grown from a single reformer Pilates studio to what you now know. It’s been an epic ride and we are so humbled to have had your support and to be a part of such a fantastic community. We’ve added locations, methods, team members and more members than we thought possible. We’ve worked and continue to strive to provide a standard of facility and equipment that is unrivalled.

While we have focussed on delivering facility and equipment upgrades our inspiring instructor team members have focussed on growing and improving themselves and their knowledge to ensure they are providing the best possible outcomes for you. It’s now time for us to invest in our team and acknowledge their passion, hard work and commitment. While we continue to invest in all things that you have come to love about The Studio we will also further invest in fostering that passion for professional development and personal growth that makes every member of our team so unique.

Everything you need to know in 2 minutes

Watch the video and get up to speed.

Upgraded and Streamlined Options

From July 1 we are streamlining our membership options to make it simpler for you and everyone looking to join. Our streamlined memberships will look like this:

Virtual Core 2 Membership


per week

up to 2 classes per week

Direct Debit
$17.50 per extra class
suspensions available
all methods


Virtual Core 4 Membership


per week

up to 4 classes per week

Direct Debit
$15 per extra class
suspensions available
all methods


Virtual Annual Membership


valid for 12 months

up to 7 classes per week

best value – $6 per class!
$10 per extra class
2 locations, 100+ classes
all methods


Virtual 10 Pack


valid for 12 months

up to 10 classes

no ongoing commitment
perfect for frequent travellers
2 locations, 100+ classes
all methods



Looking for that membership that is as unique as you are? Then our Bespoke Membership could be one for you. We’ll work with you 1 on 1 to craft the right option for you.  Learn more here.

The best option for you

We’ve made it easy to choose the option that suits you. Our handy blog with tips on how to make a selection breaks down what each membership offers and the membership comparison table helps you look at each option side by side.

You can also speak with a team member who can help recommend a membership that’s right for you.

Looking after the team that looks after you

Our instructors and our team are the backbone of The Studio and are constantly developing themselves to deliver the best sessions for you. We feel it’s important to acknowledge all that they do by giving back to them. After all their energy and passion is what makes each workout so motivating. Our instructors love what they do so make sure to let them know you appreciate them. It can make their day knowing they are making a difference to your life.

What’s Next…

We’ve made the process simple and easy for all our current members. If you would like to continue on your current membership, then you don’t have to take any action at all. Your membership will continue with the changes automatically taking effect from July 1.

If you want to change to a new membership, simply complete our Membership Change Form.

What will be different?

Plenty of you love what we offer and demand for classes and our instructors time is greater than ever and building which we love to see. We’ve organised our terms and conditions to make sure you and each Studio member has the opportunity to experience everything The Studio delivers.

All of the updates can be found on our Terms and Conditions Page and will also take effect from July 1.

Member rewards program – coming soon!

We’re putting the finishing touches on our first ever Member rewards program.  This is something we are really excited to be introducing and will be your opportunity to get more from your membership than ever before. Get excited because we know you’re going to love it.

Thank you

As we look into the future at The Studio and all that we are planning and doing for you, our members we also want to take a moment to reflect on where we have come from and the people that have helped us grow and thrive in so many different ways.

We appreciate that you are spoilt for choice and are truly grateful that you choose to spend time enjoying our unique style of fitness. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing more value, more opportunity and even more experiences for you in the future.

We thank each and everyone of our team members for keeping the wheels turning each and every day of every week. Our village has helped raise The Studio for almost 6 years now and it has been an amazing journey so far with so much more yet to come. We can’t wait for the next 6 and everything that it brings.