The studio has provided an element of stability, structure and a sanctuary to Holly over the past 6 years whilst she has been developing and growing her own businesses here in Hobart. From regularly attending reformer pilates at the Studio’s first Salamanca location Holly loves the fact that the studio now has the luxury of so many exercise methods available providing the ultimate escape from a busy life with options from Yoga as a stress reliever to spin for a hardcore workout!

Holly is still a big lover of reformer pilates and feels that the studio combines elements of stretching, relaxation and a solid workout perfectly so that you really feel like you have worked hard whilst also getting a moment to breath and connect with your body, which is exactly what Holly wants in a workout.

Holly loves how the studio is such an active member of the community from their support of small local businesses, regular open days with a huge effort on making people feel welcome and involved like a family to their inclusive workouts catering for everybody.

Having her own small business plus having to travel regularly for work the studio have implemented ways allowing members to stay engaged and involved with online classes both live and pre-recorded.

Being part of the studio really feels like you are part of something special and Holly is so proud to call herself an ambassador of such an impressive, inclusive and progressive business that provides her with the most beautiful place to stay healthy and fit and as an oasis from normal life.

Finally Holly loves that it is a family business and the faces behind the business are regularly around smiling, encouraging and working hard which is why this place is as amazing as it is.