Our Membership Options Explained

5th June 2019
In this edition of the Studio blog we take a deep dive into our membership options. We breakdown all of the details and give you everything you need to know to make the right choice.

Core 2 Membership

Our Core 2 Membership is your best option if you know you want to come to 2 or more classes a week regularly. An easy and simple way to start at The Studio that allows you to get a feel for the classes, times and location that suits your schedule best. It’s perfect whether you work a 9-5 or do shift work and allows every member the opportunity to come to classes over and above the 2 per week for the same per class rate. It’s our most popular membership for anyone starting with us because of its value and versatility. What’s included and what are the benefits
  • Up to 2 classes each week
  • 2 locations, The Studio Salamanca and The Studio SoHo
  • 4 Methods, Pilates (mat & reformer), Yoga, Cycle and Barrecode
  • Over 100+ class times a week
  • Unlimited extra classes at $17.50 per class
  • Set and forget DD payment option
  • No joining Fees
  • No Minimum Membership Period


Core 4 Membership

Our Core 4 is where to look if you plan on consistently coming to 4 or more sessions a week. If you know where you’re going and what you need to do to get there, then this membership provides for you in spades. Reach and surpass your goals whether you exercise exclusively with us each week or venture out on your own as well. All the flexibility and ability to get a regular weekly fix of what matters most to you. With the same versatility of a Core 2 but offering even better value per class this is for those of you who have us on high rotation. All the benefits of a core 2 plus:
  • Up to 4 classes each week
  • Unlimited extra classes at $15 per class


Annual Membership

If you’re a true frequent flyer with us and know that you’re almost certainly coming at least 3 times a week but probably want to over indulge a little sometimes, don’t worry there’s no need to feel guilty. Our Annual Membership is definitely going to impress you and will be the most logical solution to rack those frequent flyer miles upWhat’s included and what are the benefits
  • Up to 7 classes each week for 52 weeks
  • 2 locations, The Studio Salamanca and The Studio SoHo
  • 4 Methods, Pilates (mat & reformer), Yoga, Cycle and Barrecode
  • Over 100+ class times a week
  • Unlimited extra classes at $10 per class
  • 1 upfront membership only payment
  • No joining Fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • Automatic Membership to The Studio rewards program


Bespoke Membership

If you have more specific needs or goals then let us create a tailored solution that helps you excel. The most valuable investment you can make in yourself, we use our experience and all of the offerings we have on hand to provide you with a membership guaranteed to inject that spark you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s one session a week or 5 we’ll be sure to figure out exactly what balance is for you and how we can help you achieve it. 


It’s easy to change

We’ve made each membership easy to move up or down on as well. So if you find you are loving classes and want to move from say a core 2 to a core 4 or an annual membership, this can easily be done via our Membership Change Form.

Still unsure?

We get it, sometimes nothing beats a good old fashioned chat to work out what’s best.  Book in an appointment with us to discuss what option would suit best. If we understand your goals we can help you achieve them. If you’d like to take us for a test drive to see if we’re right fit for you, you can  trial what we have on offer with either a casual visit or a 10 pack. 
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