Using The Studio F.I.T. system to find the right membership

7th June 2019
Our 2019 Membership release is exciting for everyone involved and definitely exciting for you. Our streamlined membership options make it easy for you to pick a membership that suits you best and helps us tailor a solution to you if you want something more specific. Choosing the perfect membership is something we help people do daily so we thought we’d write this blog to help you start your journey with us the right way.First up here’s our current membership options;

Core 2


per weekup to 2 classes

Direct Debit $17.50 per extra class suspensions available all methods


Core 4 


per weekup to 4 classes

Direct Debit $15 per extra class suspensions available all methods




up frontup to 7 classes

best value! $10 per extra class 2 locations, 100+ classes all methods


10 Pack


up frontup to 10 classes

most flexible 12 month validity 2 locations, 100+ classes all methods

We’re going to explain the benefits of each membership and who they are best suited to in depth in this article but we also offer a Bespoke Membership. A tailored solution where we work with you to understand exactly what you want from your membership to create an individual solution that meets your specific needs.

Use the Studio F.I.T system to choose which membership is right for you

Because we’re not a gym and have small capped class sizes that only operate with instructors leading the class, choosing a membership at The Studio requires different consideration to a simple gym membership. There are 3 main things to consider with any fitness membership and we’ll address how to consider each of these with our different membership options.
  1. F  Frequency, how often do you plan on working out with us a week?
  2. I   Intention, what’s your WHY. What is it that’s motivating you to take action and what goals do you want to achieve?
  3. T  Timetable,  how well are you able to fit the sessions into your existing routine


Each of our memberships has been created based on how many sessions you will regularly attend each week. The Table below gives you a simple snapshot of the number of classes you have at your disposal with each membership.


We know that some weeks things are flowing and you’re hungry for more. The Benefit of our Core 2, Core 4, Annual or Bespoke Membership is that if you would like to come to extra classes in any week, you can! The booking system remains open to you with one of these memberships and your extra class rate is tied to your membership rate so all you need to do is book the class and the system does the rest.Your goals dictate a lot when it comes to membership. Everyone has different goals and responds differently to fitness stimulus. We try and understand your goals before recommending a membership for you as each set of goals and circumstances needs to be weighed up when deciding on a membership. For instance if your just wanting to maintain a healthy balanced life and participate in your own fitness pursuits each week we’d probably recommend a core 2. But if we’re going to be your only weekly fitness provider a core 4 is likely to be the best option. If you have a desire to lose weight or significantly improve your fitness and will only be coming to The Studio we’re more likely to recommend a core 4 or an Annual membership. If you are in need of specific attention due to illness or injury or something like pain management then it’s likely a bespoke membership will serve you best. There’s no exact science but we’ve tried to take a common sense approach and recommend how we’d look at each membership against some common goals.Core 2
  • A great membership for maintaining current levels of fitness if you’re active outside of The Studio each week as well
  • The perfect membership if you are an avid runner, cyclist, or just about any other sport. Pilates and Yoga classes in particular provide the necessary balance to your weekly routine
  • If you’re coming back from a break or haven’t done much in a while, this is the best membership to start on
  • If you’re new to any of the methods this is a great place to start
Core 4
  • Perfect if you’re looking to improve fast
  • Gives you the flexibility to find the right balance of sessions and methods each week
  • A nice stepping stone if you’ve been on a core 2 and looking for improvement across the board
Annual & Bespoke
  • The most cost efficient membership if you’re planning on coming to more than 3 classes a week religiously
  • Allows for versatility of methods every week while still enabling progression in all areas
  • Only recommended if you’re really consistent and committed to your weekly fitness routine


It may seem an odd thing to factor in to your membership decision but after years of watching new members start their journey and plenty of research into what motivates people to continue or slowly fall off, Fit is one of the key components. The reality is we live in a busier faster paced life than ever before in human history and we are creatures of habit. 90% of what actions you took last week will be the same this week. This is relevant because if you’re starting to introduce fitness into your weekly routine then small slow changes are more likely to lead to big lasting changes. So consider carefully how each membership will fit into your existing weekly schedule or at least which membership will have the least impact or change on it. Put simply you might have had a break from fitness and really feel ready to jump back in full flight. The reality is starting with a core 2 and integrating 2 sessions a week into your schedule is far more likely to lead to you in time integrating 4 sessions a week. Conversely trying to come to 7 sessions after 0 is more likely to see you burn out and fall back into the same schedule that included 0 sessions. So take your time and enjoy the process of building your membership into a lasting healthy weekly routine.If you’re ready to feel motivated, fit and constantly energised then reach out to us today. If we understand your goals we can help you achieve them.
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