“Something feels different about you guys” – what it feels like to be part of Hobart’s quality fitness space

3rd May 2019

So you missed our recent Open Day? We thought we’d kick fomo to the curb and let you in on the vibes. But with a different twist.... Read More

Reasons to Ride Inside

27th July 2018

In this edition of the Studio blog we take you through the many benefits of Indoor Cycling and put the spotlight on two of our signature Cycle classes - Suf Cycle and Cycle & Core. Enjoy all the benefits of riding without the wind, rain, potholes and angry motorists.... Read More

Pilates to stay fit during pregnancy

18th May 2018

Our guest blogger Bonnie Paine shares her thoughts on managing the aches and pains of pregnancy with Pilates at The Studio. ... Read More

Sufferfest – beyond the name

13th April 2018

Curious about Sufferfest? If you can look past the name you could be in for the ride of your life without leaving the Studio Cycle Room! The Studio SoHo's very own Tracey James looked past the name and found a passion. Read her inspiring story here.... Read More

David McQuillen A.K.A ‘Chief Suffering Officer’ of The Sufferfest

17th August 2017

Confronted with what appeared to be a terminal case of Turbo Trainer Boredom Syndrome (TTBS) back in 2009, David refused to give in to his demons. Teaching himself how to edit video and after negotiating rights with major races (something he’d never done before), he created his first Suffer-fest video and inflicted it on the world. With confidence boosted after being called an “assassin,” “sadist,” and other such terms of endearment, and having realised his true calling was to spread agony and misery across the land, David quit his career in banking to focus full time on the ‘fest and his young family. He loves all the videos equally -- although Revolver has a special place in his lactic acid soaked heart.... Read More

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