Are you looking for a little bit extra from your workout? Maybe you’re looking to spice up your cardio and shed kilos. Boxing delivers a full body workout guaranteed to sculpt, tone and make you sweat!

Now you can experience all of the benefits of boxing right here at The Studio! Our team of passionate personal trainers will tailor your private boxing sessions to get your heart pumping.

7 Reasons why you should box with us

  1. Burn Fat
  2. Increase muscle tone
  3. Build Strong Bones and Ligaments
  4. Improve Muscular Endurance
  5. Improve Core Stability
  6. Increase Strength and Power
  7. Stress Relief

Personal & Professional

Boxing at the Studio is boxing with a difference. Working with trained and passionate instructors your workouts will certainly pack a punch!  Taking advantage of The Studio’s luxe locations, you can be assured of the same quality you’ve come to expect of our group fitness classes. 

We’re in your corner, are you ready to step into the ring?

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