Meet Jo and join us on a 12 week transformation journey

11th May 2020

As any great teacher will tell you, one must possess an undivided passion for their craft in order to truly convey the best of it to their students. To be an instructor, you not only need to have a full understanding of the movements and exercises involved but you also need to have practiced them countless times to ensure you deliver correct feedback to those who are learning from you.

At The Studio HQ Online, we have an amazing team of world-class instructors, including Jo Behrens, one of a group of instructors who feature in our Virtual 12 Week Programs

Jo Behrens welcomes clients into the Studio Hobart
Jo’s welcoming smile and passion for craft are what makes her classes so special.

After finding the practice for herself first, Jo developed a passion for Pilates and with it came a desire to learn about the method on a deeper level. Since completing her first instructor training nearly a decade ago Jo hasn’t stopped learning or developing her craft during that time. She has finely tuned her skills to become a Diploma qualified Pilates instructor, working with a variety of members from professional athletes to early-stage rehabilitation. Jo’s passion is clear from the moment you step into any of her incredible classes and experience the energy and passion with which she imparts her knowledge. Jo will teach a variety of different Pilates styles throughout the 12 weeks, from more traditional to the contemporary, participants will be taken on an exclusive journey of self-transformation. There are sessions for desk workers, pre and postnatal, magic circles, and much more! Appearing on the timetable in several time spots everyone will find suitable times for their individual schedule.

Jump onto The Studio HQ timetable and see her 12-week class roster.

If you are keen to join Jo and others who will be delivering more than 160 classes over the 12-week program, all you need to do is sign up to the Online + package for just $25 a week. 

Join Jo and the Team for 12 weeks of Transformation

Discover all of our methods and choose from over 160 classes during our 12 week transformation program. Sign up to Online+ to get started