Introducing Nutrition to The Studio HQ Online

23rd July 2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing The Studio HQ, we have just launched a new program, aimed at supporting our members through their wellness journey.

The Studio HQ’s nutrition portal provides step by step guides, videos and exclusive recipes that will teach participants how to manage their diet and get the most out of their fitness goals.

Nutrition is one of the most, if not the not important aspect of health and wellbeing. It’s also one of the only factors that we have complete control over in life and you are responsible for the choices that you make in terms of what, and how much each of us consumes.

Understanding which foods are actually right for us as individuals, and what portions we need to eat to meet our goals is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. Our ability to understand the lifestyle requirements we have, and how basic nutritional knowledge can support those goals and desires lies at the heart of this exclusive program.

The masterclasses will lead you through a journey of knowledge and understanding of the factors that contribute to a healthy nutritional lifestyle. The series is designed to look at what specifically affects nutrition, not just the food itself. You will learn how to understand and manage your lifestyle, environment, mindset and behaviours, and how to work through them to instigate change. As there is no one single diet, you need to find what is going to work for you, to understand what your goal is and design your lifestyle and environment to best manifest your reality.

The goal of the program is to provide you with little nuggets of information that you can implement in your diet straight away. It will immediately empower you to make small but consistent improvements in your nutrition with simple steps from one level to the next.

And now, you can enjoy the program as part of your Studio Online membership. Everything is available for you to consume at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

If you don’t have an online membership, now is the perfect time to try it out. Get 14 days of unlimited access to the platform for just $1. Click here to sign up for the trial now!


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