Online Cycling at The Studio HQ: A Revolutionary and Unique Virtual Cycle Experience

Experience virtual cycle classes unlike any other. Our unique range of The Studio HQ Cycle, HIIT training, and our very own Cycle & Core style classes will deliver the workout you are craving, from the comfort of your own home. No traffic lights, no potholes and no angry motorists; just heart-pumping, leg-shaking cardio.

It’s time to dust off your old exercise bike, ready for this one! We have specifically constructed sessions designed as the ultimate HIIT workout. We offer The Studio HQ Cycle classes, as well as Cycle & Core, instructor-led video classes all at home. Claim your own cycle space at home, then come and experience an unforgettable online workout journey guaranteed to improve your fitness and performance year-round.

This virtual class is suitable for all proficiencies, from beginner to expert.

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Online Virtual Cycle Class
Service Type
Online Virtual Cycle Class
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The Studio SoHo,
273 Davey St ,South Hobart ,Tasmania-7004,
Telephone No.0407 122 950
Achieve more indoor. No wind or rain, potholes, stop lights or traffic. The ultimate indoor cycling experience, online. Join us to experience the excitement of a virtual spin class, with trainers to push you to your limits.