How My Online Studio Routine Saved My Butt (Literally) During COVID-19!

4th June 2020

by Sarah Clark

In a time when things are so rapidly changing, the saviour for me has been the introduction of a routine.

 I work in the travel industry so the lead up to our local restrictions were pretty stressful for me, particularly as we were dealing with border closures around the world before COVID hit Australia. Luckily I had just had a week away in New Zealand at a health retreat (Aro-Ha, best thing I’ve ever done!) so had a clear mind and was in a regular routine of daily yoga. But as the intensity at work increased, I found it very difficult to maintain my inner balance, and any hope for evening yoga then turned into wine with friends. So when local social distancing measures came into play, that was the end of my yoga classes. I moved back to Hobart from Melbourne as the state borders started closing and it took me a few weeks to settle into the ‘new normal’. But what really helped me do this was by participating in regular classes at a specific time of the day. I signed up for The Studio HQ Online classes and honestly have not looked back since.

Sarah Clark doing an online Pilates workout on The Studio HQ Online
Pilates from the comfort of my lounge room studio.

Waking up to heart and hip opening with Annie has become my new normal, and Annie all of a sudden has become a very important part of my life (let’s be honest, one of the only people I now see every day!). I’ve started mixing it up and introduced Catherine’s classes on alternate days and with one on one walks being the only social event on the calendar these days, I have found that my hips are tighter than normal, so this morning routine really helps with loosening them up. I am also starting to get back into the Pilates classes too by doing a few of the pre-recorded ones through the week.

I am a big hiker especially after conquering Everest Base Camp and dabbling in a few triathlons over the past few years, but a year ago I had a disc bulge which basically put me back to square one. I was out of action for around 6 months and in that time could not even practice yoga from the nerve pain down my leg. Pilates was the thing that has been able to really bring me back and Mary and The Studio HQ were both a large part of that Journey. Now understanding the importance of strength in my core and protection of the back muscles, I need to be careful, but I am loving Mary’s Online Pilates sessions and know that her expertise will ensure they are safe at home classes for my back. Mum and I even sometimes put them on at the same time so it’s like we go to a class together still.

I may even admit to doing classes in my nightie. Don’t judge… but there is a sense of comfort not having to worry about what you look like when you are trying to master boat pose or that perfect downward dog. It’s like you are in your own little world, but with the guidance and support of a long-time friend. Thanks to The Studio HQ Online, for making my home a safe place to work out, sure I miss the interaction and outing of a physical class but for now, I’m pretty happy in my lounge room. Next week I might upgrade to virtual classes, I’ll just need to make sure I get dressed for those ones!

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