The Studio Academy… what’s the difference?

30th October 2020

by Jo Behrens, Diploma Qualified Pilates Instructor and Pilates Course Leader at The Studio Academy


The Studio Academy was established out of a recognised industry need for Pilates training in Tasmania. To date the process for undertaking Pilates training has been to liaise with a mainland school or company and either train and complete work experience hours online, via an affiliate studio, or, most commonly to pay additional costs and fly to and from the mainland states to complete work experience and assessment tasks. This often results in a lengthy and disjointed experience for students and a difficult transition to teaching confidently in real studio environments. It encourages a ‘minimum is sufficient’ mindset or a check-box approach, and prevents students from all walks of life accessing the course, and therefore the ability to teach the Method, due to prohibitive financial pressures. 


At The Studio HQ, we noticed many students completed their training with competency in the Pilates Method, the principles and repertoire, but weren’t job-ready. A key focus of the training we deliver through the Studio Academy is developing each individual as an instructor and working on establishing their ‘why’ or what makes them unique, discovering their passion for Pilates and what steps need to be taken to deliver those messages successfully to clients when teaching the Method. Pilates is a unique set of exercises that foster a mind-body-spirit connection. Much of the teaching that occurs through existing training bodies focuses only on the physical component of the Method. Studio Academy courses ensure that students have the opportunity to explore and develop strategies to foster their own mind-body-spirit connection, in order that learning to translate those ideas into practice with clients becomes not only viable but successful. 


Students have the opportunity to work within an established working studio environment, with highly-trained and experienced instructors and real-life clients. Translating theoretical knowledge and concepts into practice is another key focus at Studio Academy. The modification and adaptation of repertoire or exercises to suit various posture types, common postural issues we’re seeing in the community, as well as injuries and issues, ensure that students graduate ready to teach people from the real world, not just fellow students or instructors. We believe in the philosophy of giving people more movement, not taking it away and encouraging students to be creative and find safe and effective ways to encourage and create movement for clients presenting with restrictions. 


Learn to Teach Reformer Pilates at The Studio Academy


Our courses are designed to create a structured environment for which students can progress and allow for almost 50 hours of face-to-face group mentoring time over the 16 week theory immersion by way of fortnightly Practicum sessions included in the course cost – a vastly practical approach compared to existing industry course structures.


Our courses are designed to set the standard for Pilates instructor training in Tasmania and are supportive, but ultimately teach independence and problem solving for real-world environments. We explore the fascinating heritage of the Method, review relevant anatomy & physiology concepts, the repertoire and real-world applications of the method through environment, posture types, modifications, variations, regressions and progressions and create a pathway to being job-ready and starting your career. 


If you’re looking for a dynamic and modern approach to the Pilates Method, it’s application to the community as a whole and creating real impact and change to people’s quality of life through intelligent movement then The Studio Academy could be for you.


Our next course intakes are: 

  • Reformer Pilates – February 1st 2021
  • Mat Pilates – February 1st 2021


Join us at our Studio Academy Open Day on Saturday 14th November 10:00am – 12:00pm at Studio SoHo at 273 Davey Street. Or alternatively, jump on our website to learn more.  We can’t wait to help you on your journey to becoming an instructor.



Come to the Studio Academy Open Day!

We’ll be opening our doors between 10AM and 12PM on Saturday 14 November to answer all the questions you have about studying at the Studio Academy. There will be mat and reformer Pilates demonstrations as well as plenty of Q&A with qualified and passionate instructors.


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