Challenge Yourself This Summer

1st January 2021

The Studio Summer Challenge is new for 2021 and we are super excited to launch it on Monday 11th January.

It is super simple:

  • 30 days
  • 15 classes

The challenge is open to both existing members and new members and designed to get you into a flow of good exercise habits and regularly attending class.

It is free for existing members to register for and $250 for new members (which gets you access to your classes). 

If you register for the challenge you will also get access to two body scans on our new Evolt Active Machine and to an online live nutrition seminar.

If you complete the challenge you will get a $50 Studio credit for yourself and $50 for a friend. Additionally you will enter the draw to win a prize pack.

The challenge will start on Monday 1st February and run until 2nd March. 

All the information on how to sign up will go live on Monday 11th January. 

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