The Importance of Hydration

by Jess Renton

The general research consensus is that approximately three litres of water per person is the required amount for regular daily function. This for most of us is a good average, but of course there are times where this may need to be modified depending on our activity level. For example if I do a heavy Indoor Cycle class I am inclined to have an entire litre of water during the class and then again afterwards, to account for the water lost through sweat.

To get my day started I often have two litres of water, a coffee and another litre with BCAAs mixed in (more on this in a later blog). This may seem like a lot and you will notice that I count coffee in my water consumption. This is because coffee and tea, regardless of the fact they contain caffeine which is a diuretic are mostly water and provide some level of hydration. So keep count of those soy lattes!

I find the best way to track my water consumption is by carrying a large 1 litre bottle around, and I would recommend that as it is an easy way to make sure you are having enough.

If you have trouble consuming normal tap water, try spicing it up with one of the following:

  • Add a bit of bubbles, taking water from still to sparkling can help if you are feeling bored;
  • Add lemon/lime/orange to make it tang. Lemons are also great for digestion and grow super easy if you have a green thumb;
  • Add fresh mint to make it refreshing.

Try one this week and let me know how you go. Don’t forget that all the drinking water in The Studio is cold and filtered. We will have some flavoured water in the studios for you to taste when I get back and see what may take your fancy, and to help you up your water intake to stay hydrated and function at your best! Happy hydrating!

Jess x