Virtual Classes – Could they be better than the real thing?

1st April 2020

by Ali Hargreaves

I joined The Studio HQ at the start of 2019, as I had been curious to try a reformer pilates class to see what all the hype was about. To be honest, I originally planned to try out a class or two of reformer Pilates, tick that New Year’s Resolution off, then go back to my normal gym routine. However, after stepping through the doors of The Studio and being greeted by such friendly staff and having a wonderful experience in my first class, I was intrigued to discover more of what The Studio had to offer. A couple of weeks later, I quit my other gym membership and signed up for an annual membership at The Studio. The friendly and welcoming nature of each of the instructors, not to mention their experience and professionalism, had me hooked from day one. I loved that I could get a strength and core-based workout through the reformer pilates classes, as well as an intense cardio workout through the spin and Sufferfest classes, balanced out with a relaxing and stretching routine through the yoga classes.

I have been attending classes at The Studio for a bit over a year now, and when the recent changes regarding the closure of gyms were announced, I was initially pretty disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to get my daily dose of The Studio. However, as soon as I heard that The Studio was offering virtual classes, I decided to give them a go, as I didn’t want to let my workout routine lapse. I have been participating in the virtual mat Pilates classes and the virtual Yoga classes, and have been loving both of these workouts. The classes take place via Zoom, and you can book into a class in advance using The Studio’s app or website (just as you would have previously done for an onsite class). The instructor sends through an email before the class with the login details, which you can easily enter into Zoom when it is time for the class to begin.

Each class has a limited number of participants so that the instructor is able to view each person’s technique as they guide you through the various moves. While there is a multitude of online workouts available on YouTube and fitness websites at the moment, there is something really unique and personal about a virtual class, as you are able to interact with the friendly instructor on the other end of the screen, as opposed to a typical online workout where someone is yelling at you for 30 minutes to do 10 more pushups or hold that plank for another minute.

In The Studio’s virtual classes, anyone of any level is welcome (including your pet – my dog loves a good set of crunches). The instructor will give a brief explanation of what is involved in that day’s class, and will then mute each of the participants’ microphones so that there isn’t any distracting noise throughout the workout (however if you have any questions at all, you can simply wave and the instructor will be more than happy to help you out). The instructor then brings a pre-filmed video onto the screen of them doing the class while they talk you through each move, pausing the video at different points to allow you to correct your posture or technique. If a slight correction is needed, the instructor will direct you to make the necessary adjustment. I love how encouraging each of the instructors have been throughout the virtual classes, giving both individual and group praise and encouragement to each of the participants as they work through the moves.

If you have found yourself in a position where your gym has closed and you are stuck for ideas as to how to stay fit at the moment, I would highly recommend checking out The Studio’s virtual classes. As many of us are working from home now, having that regular interaction with other people (even if it is through a screen) is really beneficial at the moment, and having a friendly, trained professional keeping you accountable and guiding you through your workout is something that is so invaluable for your health and fitness journey.

Ali Hargreaves has been a member of The Studio HQ since January 2019. Ali moved from Sydney to Tasmania in 2016 when a work opportunity arose for her husband, and they have not looked back since. Ali works from home as a legal writer for a legal publishing company based in Sydney. In her spare time, she loves working up a sweat at The Studio, coming up with various recipe creations in the kitchen, and spending time exploring Tasmania’s wilderness with her husband and their labrador, Moose.


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