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So much more than just a Yoga studio. We’re a community-based in Hobart, that makes you feel welcome, challenges & nurtures you throughout your Yoga practice.

A true sanctuary to complement your Yoga practice. Hobart’s best Yoga studio provides everything from the beginning to the end of your practice, just BYO space and a mat. Our Vinyasa Flow classes aim to provide an element of balance as you learn to find new ability in movement and mindfulness through.

Choose from a variety of styles and class times, beginner or fully-fledged Yogi, athlete or office worker, we cater to every individual’s need. Helping achieve a deeper connection to yourself and the present through meaningful movement. We run a range of workshops from beginner to advanced regularly to provide a platform where everyone can learn and gain experience.

Our instructors are ready to help you, as soon as you’re ready to get started. Our Yoga classes are suitable for all proficiencies, from beginner to expert.

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Virtual Yoga Classes Online
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Virtual Yoga Classes Online
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The Studio HQ Hobart,
2-4 Gladstone St & 273 Davey St,Salamanca & South Hobart ,Tasmania-7004,
Telephone No.0407 122 950
So much more than just a yoga studio. We're a community-based in Hobart, broadcasting to the world, that makes you feel welcome, challenges & nurtures you throughout your yoga practice, via virtual classes and online classes.