7 Immediate Benefits of a Private Session

A Private Pilates Session at The Studio Hobart

Whether you’re looking to get started and googling Pilates classes near me, or you’ve been coming to reformer Pilates sessions forever you’ll find the benefits of private sessions immediate and remarkable. While group sessions are fun and always motivating… here’s 7 immediate benefits you’ll get from private sessions that you just can’t always receive in a group environment.

Private sessions go far beyond just focussing on core strength posture and stability. Often it may only be a small movement between doing an exercise right (and therefore effectively) or incorrectly risking the benefits and even injury. Many studios offer Private or Semi-Private Sessions and it’s a proven way to improve your Pilates technique and increase confidence and knowledge during these intimate sessions.

1 Convenience private sessions are typically by appointment only. This means that you pick a time that works with your schedule and meet with an instructor each week at your convenience. It leaves less room for things to pop-up or something to get in the way of your private session. When you’ve made a time that specifically suits you, it’s almost guaranteed to lead to more consistent attendance which ultimately means quicker improvement.

2 Fully Customised from the very first individual session you’ll see what a tailored experience private sessions are. Your first session is more of a movement assessment and consult for the instructor to learn as much about your history and goals as possible. After this, they’ll develop a completely customised program that is specific to you, your history and your goals and will ensure that you are challenged just the right amount each session to really enjoy it.

3 Motivation private sessions are motivating for a number of reasons. First, you have the undivided attention of your instructor, so all of their focus and energy is on helping you achieve what you set out to and making sure that you’re pushing your barriers, whether that’s in repetitions, technique or even the complexity of the exercises, there’s a right way and a wrong way to be challenged and your instructor will ensure your program is doing it the right way. Secondly, a tailored program showcases your progression, keeping you motivated to continue to achieve more. And last you build a relationship with your instructor, both of you are invested in your success and when it’s 1 on 1 it’s harder to miss a session and it go unnoticed

4 Best of the Best any instructor taking privates will have a depth of knowledge you rarely get to experience first hand in a group reformer Pilates class. Because of the tailored approach, your instructor has more time to explain each exercise, it’s goal and the specifics of how it should be performed. As well as how and why you might be focussing on it in your program. This ensures that your receiving the absolute best instruction and knowledge to master your own technique and not only see but feel real lasting improvement.

5 Speed of Progression like anything focussing your attention and consistently practicing delivers improvement. Private sessions speed up your rate of improvement due to the intensity of individual focus. An instructor is able to test and refine specifically for you every session. Finding your limits and then working out a way to break through them as quickly and efficiently as possible. One of the major reasons anyone does private’s is to see quicker improvements. Typically in private sessions, you don’t feel that plateau that comes with group training sessions or training alone. 

6 Variety It might go without saying but with an instructor literally by your side in a private session all the time. You will enjoy being able to change things up… a lot. Utilising different equipment and mixing up the exercises keeps you focussed and enthusiastic about your program and gives you a challenge mentally as much as physically as you learn new exercises on new equipment. It ensures that every session is as fun and enjoyable as your first. But most importantly means that you always have something new to progress to.

7 Improves Self-Awareness one of the keys to getting better is knowing your own strengths, weaknesses and limitations. Private sessions allow you the time to really tune in to your own body. This allows you to identify things you are good at and things that you might need to work on. Developing more self-awareness empowers you to make your own changes, and not just in your sessions. You’ll start to notice when you have bad posture in day to day activities and you’ll immediately know what you need to activate to improve it and why it’s important. Developing more self-awareness is the first step to bringing about lasting change.

Private Pilates sessions aren’t for everybody, but I can guarantee you’ll never know until you experience one for yourself of whether or not they might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Price is always something to factor in but when it comes to your body, price should be an afterthought. What price is too high to pay for an instructor and program that serves your personal needs and goals? Or helps add years of movement to your life or reduce the on-going pain you’ve had. This is an investment that you may not be able to skip. If privates aren’t for you or price is a real issue, Semi-Private sessions might be the next best thing. Either way, if you’re looking for a more personal and individualised approach to your fitness journey and you want to see rapid and ongoing improvement then try a private session and see exactly what it’s all about for yourself.

Remember bookings are by appointment only so if you’re thinking of getting started, please don’t hesitate to request a private session today.


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