Pilates is a flowing fun versatile method designed around a ‘core’ theme. Pilates provides a foundation of mobility, strength, stability and flexibility in mind and body. Accessing your deep core to improve your body awareness, your posture, your strength and increase your mobility. Ultimately creating a lean, strong body that supports every element of life. It’s low-impact nature is gentle on your joints, but the workouts are dynamic & powerful and will leave you feeling stronger, taller, lighter and more energised.

Great for both mind and body. Cycle delivers powerful fitness and strength results every session. It’s unique low impact nature, high intensity and low intensity elements in every session make cycle universally loved. One of the few methods where you’re in control of the intensity and pace. No matter what level of fitness or previous experience you have, every class is tailored to you and guaranteed to deliver results. Inspirational workouts leave you sweaty & smiling ear to ear. Join the rush and find your inner cyclist.

A combination of two Sanskrit words, “yuj” and “ga”, which translates as “union”. The body, breath and mind are all connected & the asanas, or postures practiced in Yoga are a way to physically train the body and connect it to the breath. Yoga provides a holistic approach to wellness. which helps you to build a sense of wellbeing. Yoga can help with everything from stress relief to improving your flexibility and balance. It is a system designed to cultivate health and happiness in mind, body & soul.

Barre is a dynamic whole body workout focussed on building core strength while improving posture and alignment through the integration of high intensity mat based exercises. The results are a workout that is fun and ever evolving that delivers improvements to your fitness, strength, stability and mobility. A dynamic mix that challenges your coordination concentration and fitness but delivers a strong and agile mind and body in the process. 


The best solution if you’re focussed on specific outcomes. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to your health & wellness and tailored sessions afford you the very best opportunity to succeed in the areas that are most important to you. Working 1 on 1 in a private setting or 1 to 3 in a semi-private setting a tailored program is developed by your instructor to cater to your unique needs. Whether your pre or post surgery, managing an on-going injury or wanting to take your sporting performance to the next level. Private & Semi-Private Sessions can help you get the results your looking for.