The Studio HQ Etiquette Guide

Whether it’s your first or hundredth time at The Studio HQ, we ask you to follow these guidelines to enhance your experience and that of those around you.

SIGN IN – You can sign in on the Studio HQ app, with reception or your instructor before class.  We love to say hello!

ARRIVE EARLY –  Getting to the Studio 5-10 minutes before class helps get you into the zone to have a great class.

RUNNING LATE? – We’ve all been there, life happens.  Please be respectful of others in the class when joining after class has started.  If you’re really late (15+mins), your instructor may have to turn you away because a) you won’t be warmed up enough to take part safely and b) a waitlisted member may have already taken your spot…sorry.

FOOTWEAR – Socks must be worn whilst using the Pilates Reformer machines for hygiene.  No one wants to grab a foot-sweaty strap.  Cycle cleats can only be worn in the Cycle room.  While we love a good tap dance, think of your fellow members in the Yoga class deep in savasana.

PHONES – Don’t be “that” person.  Turn it off and focus on yourself for an hour, go on, you deserve it.

YOUR GEAR – Store it in a locker or in the pigeonholes provided and take it with you when you leave.  If you’ve got valuable items please BYO lock or even better yet don’t bring them to class.  Any items left will be given away to charity if not claimed within a month.

OUR GEAR – Use the equipment for its intended use only.  While you may be tempted to use the magic circle as a hula-hoop, please don’t, you might get stuck.

BIKES – Please leave them outside, we have plenty of stationary bikes for you to use in class.  Use the racks provided (Salamanca) and don’t forget to BYO lock.

TALK TO US – Our highly skilled, passionate and knowledgeable instructors are here to ensure you get the best workout possible.  As awesome as they are, unfortunately they are not psychic so you’ll need to inform them of any injuries/concerns/specific goals so they can offer you safe and effective modifications to the class.  Don’t worry, they normally ask but it never hurts to be on the front foot.

KEEP IT TIDY – We all sweat and it’s a sign of a great workout.  Sweat is great but sweaty equipment not so much.  Make sure you’ve wiped your equipment down with the wipes provided and put everything back where it belongs so the person in class after you has the same great experience you did.

SAFETY FIRST – No glass bottles or containers are allowed in classes.  Save the champagne for outside The Studio.

BE MINDFUL OF OTHERS – We all love a good chat before or after class but be mindful of other members who are here to enjoy a bit of calm and quiet.

KIDS – Please leave them at home (with a responsible adult of course!)  Class time is your time – enjoy every moment.

BE PRESENT –  Carve out time for yourself for the entirety of your class, it’s integral to your practice of all the methods, your health and your wellbeing.