"If you are thinking about joining, just go for it. It’s a really good community to be part of."

I had been wanting to do some yoga for years but with family commitments, I hadn’t got around to it. I noticed The Studio back in 2018 and it had everything I was looking for. Initially, I had a fantastic experience. The instructors were all so encouraging and I loved the small class sizes. It’s never overcrowded and I get the special attention in each session which ensures I never get injured and am constantly improving.

After a while, I went up to 2, then 4 and now I do at least 6 classes a week. I started with yoga but got into reformer, mat and now barre too! Especially during COVID, it was a great balance for me. It helped me keep centred in both body and mind.

I now like to do my classes after work. I find it a great way to start the evening, ending my work day and starting my own time, which is really powerful. I immediately feel ready to have ‘me time’, feeling good about myself and what I’m doing to take care of my body and soul.

If you are thinking about joining, just go for it. It’s a really good community to be part of. It’s encouraging and inclusive. I’ve been to other studios and gym but none are like this. I love the very special care that the instructors give. They cater to everyone of all ages and body types, injuries or needs. The age variation is great too. There’s people from high school right through to in their 70’s or older and everyone gets something out of it.

I would say the one thing I’d take from my classes for the rest of my life is mindfulness, being in the moment and enjoying the moment.

Susie Ball

"I found The Studio and it immediately helped me rediscover that drive."

I played netball throughout my teenage years and was always really active in the gym. When I finished university, I lost a bit of motivation and stopped exercising regularly. Then, about six months ago I found The Studio and it immediately helped me rediscover that drive.

I had never done reformer Pilates before. Initially, I struggled with my co-ordination and balance, but each month that built up with the support of the instructors. Now, I’m feeling much more confident in the classes and generally in my day to day life as well. The way the instructors support me makes me feel as though I’m constantly progressing without being made to feel I’m doing something wrong or making mistakes.

Most importantly, my mindset has improved so much! I wouldn’t have been motivated to get up at 6am previously and my core strength has never been so strong. Posturally, I have also really improved. I used to be quite hunched due to my efforts to try and hide my broad shoulders, but now I’ve gained a lot of confidence and stand tall.

I want to explore more classes like cycling and improve my cardio health as well. I love the variety of ages. I’m 19, but there’s also people in their 60’s and 70’s and I love that diversity and inclusion. Everyone is really supported in that way.

I would say to anyone thinking about taking a class that I was totally unfamiliar with it all at the start and even a little scared, but once you build up confidence things become a lot easier… so just to get in there and do it. You won’t regret it!

Olivia Stoddart

"For anyone thinking about going, it’s a fantastic investment."

I first discovered The Studio on Facebook. I had been doing yoga but my upper body strength wasn’t what it could have been. The classes started working almost straight away. I did an introductory pack, which included PT sessions so I was immediately immersed and particularly enjoyed the focus on the different muscles.Coming to The Studio feels really safe. In the past I had injuries but with TSHQ I definitely feel like I am in safe hands.

Physically, I feel much stronger, more centred and upright. My core is holding everything ‘up’ and just generally I feel stronger and more confident, with a better understanding of the mechanics of my body.

Now I go at least three to four times a week. After school drop off is my perfect time or even after work before I head home to start the evening with family. The flexible schedule, filled with classes, makes it easy to find a class most days of the week that works for me.

If there was one class I could do for the rest of my life it would be Mary’s reformer Pilates on a Wednesday morning. She slows the movements right down and it feels like you’re getting into the exact right position every time, so you learn so much, it’s really incredible!

For anyone thinking about going, it’s a fantastic investment. It’s a friendly, supportive community with something for everyone.

Tania Krupka

"The instructors are really helpful in setting up the machines and being aware of where you are at."

I had been going to a gym doing different classes and had heard about reformer Pilates and was keen to give it a go. Initially I thought I’d just try a class or two, but I loved it straight away. I really enjoyed how personalized everything was. All the instructors immediately knew me by name and because the class sizes are smaller than any I’d been to before, they could really identify issues and help target areas in my body that needed that focus.

I started doing reformer, but grew to really love the cycle classes and then joined yoga as well. Now I even plunge myself into the cardio and the ability to mix the classes up.

I’ve been going for over two years and now I go nearly every day. I work from home for a publishing company so this is a great way to get out and do something away from the desk. I always feel a lot more energised. I love the morning classes and try to do them as it sets me up for the day.

I enjoy both the physical and mental health aspects of my daily practice. I get a clear mind and it puts me in a better mood every time. I always love the social aspect and the community around The Studio. The cycle classes have become my ‘go to’. The cardio hit, the up-beat music – it’s all super motivating!

If you’re thinking about going, it’s definitely worth every cent. The instructors are really helpful in setting up the machines and being aware of where you are at. Just give it a go!

Ali Hargreaves

"I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and a lot of that is due to the Pilates practice I do at The Studio HQ."

When I retired I read that it was important to maintain your balance and that the best way to do this was to have a strong core. One of my daughters was doing Pilates with The Studio at the local primary school, and she encouraged me to an introductory lesson with them.

Five years on and Pilates at The Studio has become part of my lifestyle. I go three to four times a week and I probably feel fitter than ever before. I love the variety and the fact that it is not just my core that is being strengthen but all my muscles. The staff are very professional; they communicate well and make sure I’m doing things correctly and am not going to injure myself. They’re all clearly very passionate about their craft. The amount of preparation they put into it is amazing. Every lesson is different and they’re always finding challenging exercises to do, in order to add interest and to keep everyone improving.

I have learnt that as you get older you need to continue to build muscle mass to keep healthy and strong. Once you are over sixty this is increasingly hard to do and Pilates is one way to achieve this, as well as eating healthily and adding more protein to your diet.

All the different exercises we do challenges the mind, to remember and keep practicing all the different movements and that is great for your mental health. The social aspect of Pilates also exercises the mind, which again is very important for your mental health, particularly in retirement. Having that contact has been so great.

I would encourage others who are approaching retirement to seriously consider joining as it has been so important to my quality of life. You won’t regret it.

Warren Papworth



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