Ali Hargreaves

I had been going to a gym doing different classes and had heard about reformer pilates and was keen to give it a go. Initially I thought I’d just try a class or two, but I loved it straight away. I really enjoyed how personalized everything was. All the instructors immediately knew me by name and because the class sizes are smaller than any I’d been to before, they could really identify issues and help target areas in my body that needed that focus.

I started doing reformer, but grew to really love the cycle classes and then joined yoga as well. Now I even plunge myself into the cardio and the ability to mix the classes up.

I’ve been going for over two years and now I go nearly every day. I work from home for a publishing company so this is a great way to get out and do something away from the desk. I always feel a lot more energised. I love the morning classes and try to do them as it sets me up for the day.

I enjoy both the physical and mental health aspects of my daily practice. I get a clear mind and it puts me in a better mood every time. I always love the social aspect and the community around The Studio. The cycle classes have become my ‘go to’. The cardio hit, the up-beat music – it’s all super motivating!

If you’re thinking about going, it’s definitely worth every cent. The instructors are really helpful in setting up the machines and being aware of where you are at. Just give it a go!

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