The Best Office Exercises of 2020

Peter Eastment Exercising at his desk

Technology and office layouts have come a long way in the last decade but nearly all of our design decisions when it comes to the office environment are based around

1. Comfort and,
2. Productivity

It’s no wonder that we’ve seen an almost 10% increase in the average workers daily sitting time over the last 2 decades. It might alarm you to know that if you sit for more than 4 hours your risk of cardiovascular associated events increases by 125% or that inactivity is now the 4th leading risk factor for death worldwide. For most of us, it’s simply not realistic to get a Personal Trainer in Hobart or make it to a group fitness class every day. Between life’s juggles and longer work hours, it’s difficult to find that amount of time every day.

That’s why we’ve outlined some easy, practical tips to combat inactivity (read, sitting) at the office for too long. Read our top 5 office tips and download our Office Exercise PDF to help you avoid falling into the wrong bracket.

But first, our top 5 tips to help you combat all that sitting.


Sit to Stand Desk will Improve fitness

Use a sit to stand desk
There’s really no excuse not to anymore, with the number of portable and easy to install elevator desks that can sit on your standard office desk it’s a choice you can’t afford not to be making. Standing 16 times for a duration of 2 minutes is better than 32 minutes of straight exercise, in an 8-hour workday that’s only twice every hour.

Drinking Plenty of Water at Work is important

Drink Loads of water
Not only is it our body’s lubricant there’s only so much you can hold onto before needing to get up and pee. It also improves concentration, reduces dehydration and helps to stop you snacking.

Standing and Stretching is Important at Work

Stand up
Move at least every hour, toilet breaks, a quick walk around the office, something that keeps you moving for 2 minutes or more and stretches your legs is vitally important. Set a vibrating timer on repeat so you don’t get caught up. Studies have shown it increases work productivity as well so don’t think it’s detrimental to leave your desk often.

Try Yoga
1 hour of exercise balances out 8 hours of sitting and Yoga has been shown to improve not only physical and mental aspects but also aid in lymphatic drainage and numerous other health benefits. The poses work into a lot of extension which balances our sitting and have proven benefits. (There is no shortage of Yoga in Hobart, try one on and see)

Business Person Cycling to work

Build Habits
Take the stairs where you can, walk or ride to work even if it means parking your car further away just so you get the walk in the more you become conscious about counteracting all the sitting we do the more you will find little ways you can squeeze in opportunities

The best part is you will literally be adding years to your life, you’ll begin to feel better, improve your productivity and more than likely reduce things like back pain and tightness. Commit to trying it for just 2 weeks and notice the improvements.

While nothing can replace an hour of personal training or a group fitness class we’ve compiled a list of our favourite office exercises and easy to follow guides to keep you mobile at the office. All in a super handy PDF guide so you can keep it on your desktop, it’s a $0 investment game-changing office fitness solution you can do anywhere anytime.

Download Your Office Fitness Guide

Office Fitness Guide - The Studio HQ

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