Summer Begins – Be Kind to Yourself

Bonnie Paine enjoying summer

by Bonnie Paine, Studio HQ Ambassador

Summer is my favourite time of year. The town is buzzing, our beautiful beaches get a good work out, we have plenty of social events to attend. But I find myself becoming tired and run down, trying to squeeze far too much into my day and night. We’re all running around, spending a lot more time outdoors and often our health falls by the wayside. 

So, here’s a few little tips I try and bring myself back to when we’re in the thick of this over-indulgent holiday period:

1 Exercise

Sustain some sort of exercise routine. For both mental and physical health! It reduces the stress hormone that’s well and truly peaking during this time. For me, that consists of attending at least two Pilates classes, and if possible, an online yoga session at home.

2 Hydrate

A combination of rushing around and the hot weather makes us sweat more. It’s necessary to keep our body temperature regulated, but we often forget to replenish our hydration – leaving us lethargic, light-headed and causing muscle aches.

3 Get Outdoors!

The sun and fresh air are amazing for our endorphin levels. But protecting your skin is important and often forgotten. 80% of physical ageing is caused by the sun! Not a typo – eighty per cent. The sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays break down the collagen in your skin (the molecules in your skin that makes it tight and firm), causes sun spots, inflammation, and cancer – just to name a few. It’s the #1 most important part of your skincare regime. 

4 Make yourself #1

It’s ok to put yourself first and say “no” to people’s requests and invitations. Mentally, this is an extremely demanding time for us all. Take at least 5 minutes twice a day to sit still, in silence (or with a short guided meditation playing in the background), scanning over your body, reminding each muscle to relax. Incorporating this into your day is life-changing and seriously underrated. Even better, if you have 50 minutes – book yourself into one of The Studio’s Yoga classes.

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