Indoor Cycling, why it’s more than just sitting on a bike

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We explain how our indoor cycle classes at our Salamanca and South Hobart studios are convenient, hassle free, and how they benefit your health and wellbeing.

As you prepare for your ride, you have that nagging question of if it is worth it.  The traffic lights causing you to stop right when you are into a good sprint.  Road surfaces causing you to swerve and sway.  And those motorists not paying attention to you on your bike – you must be highly aware of all your surroundings instead of focusing on your workout.

Is it going to rain?  Snow?  Be windy?

Indoor cycling takes away all the negative aspects and experiences of riding.  You can completely focus on your workout – it removes all the challenging obstacles of cycling And allows you to enjoy the experience.

What is indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling is a fitness craze that was popularized in the 1990s.  Now, there are thousands of gym chains and specialized fitness boutiques that offer indoor cycling.  You may have heard it called “spinning,” however that is a trademarked term that identifies the Mad Dogg Athletics instruction style and bike models.

Indoor cycling is one of the most effective cardiovascular and strength workouts that almost anyone can do.  You do not have to be a cycling pro or fitness expert to cycle.  All you need is some workout clothes and simply sign up for a class.

Each class is a unique experience.  You ride a stationary bike to awesome music while you get your heart pumping.  You will get a great cardio workout while working your glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings, and core.

Low impact with a multitude of benefits

Indoor cycling is a low impact cardio workout that does not lead to wear and tear on your bones and joints like other workouts such as running.

There are few exercises that can claim they benefit your cardio and strength simultaneously.  You can exercise longer at less physical cost to build up your endurance with ease.

Don’t let the low impact fool you.  Each class will challenge your fitness level as you build up to an intense sweat.  Other benefits include:

  • Lower stress levels – During each class you release endorphins that create happy moods, lower your stress, and enhance immune response.
  • Improved muscular endurance – Peddling against resistance increases the endurance of your leg muscles.  Improved  endurance will also help strengthen the bones, tendons, and ligaments.
  • High kcal burn ­– You can burn an average of 400 – 600 kcals during one 45-50 minute class.
  • Go at your own pace – Although your class will have an instructor helping you get the best workout, you will work at a pace that matches your fitness level.
  • Reduce health risks – Adding indoor cycling as your cardio is a great way to reduce  the health risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Exciting motivating classes

The Studio SoHo offers exciting motivating classes for every fitness level.  We are REV-olutionising the way you ride.  Our classes have the newest Stages Cycling bikes that add a whole new dimension to your workout experience.

You will enjoy all the real-world experiences while you work out indoors.  With all the obstacles of outdoors removed you can focus on your workout.  We provide high-quality workouts  designed to give you the most benefits in every class.

Our state-of-the-art SC3 monitors allow you to measure your strength and fitness improvement.  You will push yourself to the next level by tracking your heart rate and power changes while you follow the cues of our motivating instructors.

We will teach you how to utilise the Heart Rate and Power values so that you remain within your limits.  Each HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout is different and exciting.

You can choose from RPM, Cycle + Core or Sufferfest classes to meet your fitness needs.  Even if you have never cycled before, our classes offer the support and guidance you need to be successful.

Cycle & Core

Only at The Studio will you find the unique offering of Cycle and Core classes. These hour of power classes have been specifically designed to improve cardiovascular fitness as well as develop your strength endurance, a critical often overlooked component of fitness training.

Each cycle and core class begins with 30 minutes on our Stages bikes. The perfect amount of time to sustain a near maximal power output and heart rate value while boosting your metabolic rate through the roof.

Straight off the bike and on to the Pilates Mat for 30 minutes of Pilates core work, utilising dedicated Pilates repertoire to balance your work on the bike and challenge your core strength and endurance.

This innovative class of cardio and strength endurance is all about improving every element of your physical fitness while promoting a long lasting increase to your metabolic rate, helping you perform at your best.

The Sufferfest classes

The Studio SoHo offers the unique Sufferfest classes created and in some cases led  by David McQuillen.  Each class offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the most epic rides designed by some of the world’s most elite cycling coaches.

The videos feature footage from races such as Tour De France, World Championships, and the Giro d’Italia.  You are immersed into the action the entire ride.  Each class also has a unique sound track overlayed with the race to keep you engaged in your workout.

Although many describe it as “painful,” few can resist coming back for more. It is one of the best workout experiences you will ever have.

Come and experience the world-wide phenomenon for yourself – every class at The Studio SoHo is designed to help you achieve the most from each workout.  You will leave feeling empowered.

Ready to start moving?

Add some meaningful movement to your day and feel the benefits. Check out our timetable and you’ll find that there’s always a class to suit your lifestyle.

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