How to stay motivated when the going gets tough.

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by Peter Eastment When looking at motivation we need to look at ourselves and who we are as an individual. Look at not what we want but why we want it. The key to finding and maintaining motivation is to have a goal that you’re truly passionate about, something you gain intrinsic value from achieving. During my time working at The Studio HQ here in Hobart I often see members burst in full of energy and intensity looking to smash their New Year’s Resolutions and make this year theirs. Then after a month or two when temptation, cravings, and routine become tiring the goal they have set loses it’s importance or value and suddenly isn’t enough motivation for them to maintain their drive and ultimately achieve the goal they had set.

Knowing your goal

Motivation needs to be an intrinsic (self) determined driving force during the journey that sees us achieving our goal. An intrinsic motivator is an internal value that you have that doesn’t rely on external rewards. If you’re finding motivation through external influences, this can be a reflection that you’re not aligned with your intrinsic motivators, searching for an external achievement to find significance will never satisfy your internal beliefs and motivation will fade. An example of an external motivator is a reward like money, fame or booking a holiday. These don’t work long term as each has a lifespan and once you achieve your goal there is nothing left to continue the positive habits that you’ve built. As a personal trainer at The Studio HQ, I work with my members on their mindset and understand their goals to find what they are truly looking to achieve. When discussing goals as a trainer I hear common trends and words, such as:

“I am looking to lose weight” “My goal for this year is to tone up” “I want to feel better about myself”

When looking at these goals, they tell me what they want but not why they want it, and what has been the catalyst for them to take action. Once I understand the drive behind their goals I get them I look at the big picture and not just focus on a target of weight-loss, toning or energy. The big picture demonstrates how they will feel, look, think and value themselves if they achieve their goal, what will it mean for their life if they achieve this. I work on pivoting the mindset and belief of the members and get them to look at the end plan of who they will become not just the tunnel vision idea of losing weight will make me happy. For example, when you’re looking to lose weight and decrease your body composition as an individual you will become a more vibrant energetic empowered individual that will value your health and wellbeing to find success in all facets of your life.
Initial Consultation at The Studio Hobart
Discussing your goals with a qualified trainer is a great way to discover your underlying motivation.

Value your training

To maintain your motivation you need to value and love what you do. As when you don’t value your training or make it a priority in your life you won’t get the desired results. Your time training is your time and no one can take that from you, so look at what you desire and what is going to allow you to stay on track and reach your goals. One strategy I suggest for my members is to write a journal on how they feel after the session, what they have achieved and how the session brought them closer to their goal. This allows them to listen to their inner voice and evaluate the path they’re on. It is important to listen to your gut instinct as your gut instinct has the view of the big picture where our brain only works on logic and will often focus on negative aspects like our fears and anxieties.
Peter Eastment taking a Personal Training Session at The Studio HQ Salamanca
Finding something you love doing, like boxing, for example, is the key to staying motivated.

Look at your environment

When it comes to motivation your environment and social support network will contribute to your success. If you have a supportive environment with individuals that understand the journey you’re on and want to support you throughout, that will provide you with the support and connection that will push you through those times when the mornings are cold or the couch looks a lot better than a spin class. As a personal trainer, I encourage my members to share and vocalise their goals and targets to those around them to create a community and support network. This allows them to ingrain that thought pattern into their subconscious, then secondly this will provide continuous feedback and check-ins when they’re talking with their social group. As the Director of Personal Training at The Studio HQ my team and I consider your health and wellbeing holistically and provide strategies you can implement into your everyday life to change your mindset around goals and motivation. The steps that you will put in place will change your outlook not just on fitness and exercise but your everyday life and the choices you are making. If you’d like my team’s help in overcoming some of your own limiting factors and creating real intrinsic, motivating goals, get in touch for a FREE consultation. We’d love to help you unlock your inner strength.

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