Broken Collarbone and Burst Vertebrae – Mia’s Road to Recovery

By Mia Russell, Studio HQ Ambassador

In January 2019, I was involved in a head-on car collision on the way to my sister’s birthday party. As we approached a sharp corner a car travelling in the opposite direction cut the corner and came onto our side of the road, smashing directly into us. The car hit the bank on the side of the road and did a 360-degree turn before coming to a complete stop. I was taken to hospital and stayed there for two months. I burst my L2 vertebrae, broke my collarbone and hip.
I was unable to walk for a week, but eventually, with the support of a Boston back brace, I finally got back on my feet ( and with a lot of help from others). I wore my Boston brace for approximately 4 months.

During this time, I was just due to start my final senior year of high school, which obviously didn’t go to plan. Doctors advised me that there wasn’t much point in giving it a go because of the difficulty around my recovery and the numerous doctors, physio, Pilates and hydro appointments I was required to attend. However, despite the limitations I faced, I was determined to try and I gave it my best, but I was unable to get the result that I wanted. I still feel really proud of the fact that I tried though.

When I was discharged and returned home, I left the hospital on crutches, with a Boston brace and a sling for my shoulder. I wasn’t close to being recovered and had only just begun my journey. During this time, I was lucky enough to begin Pilates as a part of my rehabilitation, which is where my journey began and where I found my love and passion for Pilates.

I did the majority of my rehab through Pilates and Physiotherapy at All Care Physio and I had two different Physios and one Pilates instructor. They hold a great place in my heart as they really helped me stay motivated and made me believe that I would be able to recover from my really traumatic experience.
Today, I am currently studying my university preparation course and I’m also doing my reformer Pilates instructor course through The Studio Academy, so I can further my knowledge and education and become a fully qualified Pilates instructor. Sharing my love, and passion with others and helping them to build the confidence they need to take the next step on their own health and fitness journey.

Since joining The Studio I have really been able to push myself, test my body again to find my strengths and limitations. Working with skilled instructors that can work out what my body needs and when they need to make adjustments even in a group class setting. It has been so amazing to have such supportive people around me to help me with my journey and having the opportunity to be able to continue looking after my health and fitness, as that’s definitely my number one priority after what I have experienced.

I find that Pilates works best for me as it is designed to help align the back, posture, spine and create a healthy way to stay fit whilst keeping that balance throughout all of your body, without it being too intense, it is also fun and challenging. The family at The Studio is so inviting and you’re always welcome to come say hello and have a chat.

I am always open to share collective experiences and talk about your goals and your journey through Pilates @mia.russellll

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