Olivia Stoddart

I played netball throughout my teenage years and was always really active in the gym. When I finished university, I lost a bit of motivation and stopped exercising regularly. Then, about six months ago I found The Studio and it immediately helped me rediscover that drive.

I had never done reformer pilates before. Initially, I struggled with my co-ordination and balance, but each month that built up with the support of the instructors. Now, I’m feeling much more confident in the classes and generally in my day to day life as well. The way the instructors support me makes me feel as though I’m constantly progressing without being made to feel I’m doing something wrong or making mistakes.

Most importantly, my mindset has improved so much! I wouldn’t have been motivated to get up at 6am previously and my core strength has never been so strong. Posturally, I have also really improved. I used to be quite hunched due to my efforts to try and hide my broad shoulders, but now I’ve gained a lot of confidence and stand tall.

I want to explore more classes like cycling and improve my cardio health as well. I love the variety of ages. I’m 19, but there’s also people in their 60’s and 70’s and I love that diversity and inclusion. Everyone is really supported in that way.

I would say to anyone thinking about taking a class that I was totally unfamiliar with it all at the start and even a little scared, but once you build up confidence things become a lot easier… so just to get in there and do it. You won’t regret it!

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