Reformer Pilates, our core offering in South Hobart. What is it, & how it can it benefit you?

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Pilates may be a way of life, a break in an otherwise hectic life giving you a moment to focus on yourself or a desire to get stronger and more mobile.  Whatever your reason, The Studio offers a class for you. Reformer pilates is a highly functional holistic method that focuses on creating a foundational core strength to move as you have always wanted. It has evolved as our understanding and own needs have evolved and is now used as a rehabilitation method, elite sportspersons strength and conditioning method and a movement method for everyone in between

Joseph Pilates brought the Pilates method to the public in the early 1900s.  Since then it has adapted to fit our current lifestyles.  The repertoire, apparatus, and programs are constantly evolving.

The origin of the Pilates method was based entirely on the mat. The guiding principle being that there is an inter-connectedness between your ‘body-mind and spirit.’  Pilates designed a program of various movements that worked the entire body and it’s various systems.

Reformer pilates exercises are a perfect combination of low-impact movements that improve your muscular and skeletal systems as well as your endocrine and neuro-muscular systems.  It is a truly holistic method that focuses on the body and mind, as a whole.

Each Pilates exercise is specifically designed to lengthen, strengthen, and tone each muscle group.  The goal of Pilates’ method was to enhance our bodies natural ability to send the fluids and nutrients it needs more effectively throughout, and to massage internal organs and tissues to improve overall movement.


The Reformer

As Pilates developed his method, he also invented his own machines to reinforce the success of each exercise.  The most commonly used is the reformer.

The reformer takes each exercise to a new level as it improves your muscle length, strength, and tone as well as improving your flexibility and balance. The reformer,  is one of the most functional and diverse exercise machines ever created and sets itself apart with the users ability to replicate almost any movement or action and isolate specific muscle groups.

As you work through a series of exercises on the reformer, you can adjust the resistance you use as you push or pull.  Plus, there is an endless combination of repertoire  you can  perform on the reformer so you will never be bored.

The benefits of using the Pilates reformer includes:

  • Improved strength
  • Greater flexibility
  • Better coordination and balance
  • Better posture
  • You will become more graceful
  • Daily movements will become more efficient

Plus, you will find that the “Pilates Powerhouse” muscles becoming stronger will result in flatter, stronger abs and improved muscle tone in upper and lower limbs as you vary your repertoire to challenge and balance your physical conditioning..


Classes at The Studio

At The Studio, along with the ‘traditional’ mat, we also offer reformer pilates to help you take control and experience the freedom of your muscle mobility.  You can find a reformer class at your level of experience that fits your needs, whether you are looking for a cardio, strength, or flexibility class. We will provide you with the most dynamic, challenging core driven workout – on the latest equipment design – that leaves you wanting more of the same experience.

The Studio’s Reformer Pilates classes are led by high-quality instructors in a state-of-the-art facility where we continue the search for and delivery of the most effective workouts To help you achieve your wellness goals.


Who can benefit from Reformer Pilates?

Anyone can benefit from Reformer Pilates.  The Pilates secret is that it is one of the most adaptable exercise methods.  Each exercise is designed to target specific muscle groups and can be modified to fit any fitness level, movement pattern or body type.

The progression or regression can be adapted to change the level of challenge  to meet your needs and desires. This is why elite athletes, sports teams, celebrity trainers,   , the young and old,  pre and post natal women and every one in between all use the Pilates method.

Every person can experience the same level of challenge relative to their own abilities and needs.  Give one of our Pilates classes a try to see the amazing benefits and results for yourself.


Even More Benefits

Pilates has a multitude of benefits for everyone of all ages and fitness levels.  Not only can you strengthen, lengthen, and tone your muscles while finding your inner connectedness, but you can also help reduce many health conditions.

Although, it is always important to check with your doctor first, Pilates can help reduce the following health conditions:

  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • cholesterol
  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • knee or elbow injuries
  • neck or back pain


Every exercise can be modified to reduce or increase the level of challenge  as needed.  It is a safe and effective exercise method to add to any exercise routine for improved results.

The combination of physical and mental improvement that Pilates offers through connecting the ‘body-mind and soul’ is what gives this functional exercise method its unique edge.  You will discover like so many others that Pilates is one of the most rewarding holistic approaches to your health and fitness.



Ready to start moving?

Add some meaningful movement to your day and feel the benefits. Check out our timetable and you’ll find that there’s always a class to suit your lifestyle.

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