Susie Ball

I had been wanting to do some yoga for years but with family commitments, I hadn’t got around to it. I noticed The Studio back in 2018 and it had everything I was looking for. Initially, I had a fantastic experience. The instructors were all so encouraging and I loved the small class sizes. It’s never overcrowded and I get the special attention in each session which ensures I never get injured and am constantly improving.

After a while, I went up to 2, then 4 and now I do at least 6 classes a week. I started with yoga but got into reformer, mat and now barre too! Especially during COVID, it was a great balance for me. It helped me keep centred in both body and mind.

I now like to do my classes after work. I find it a great way to start the evening, ending my work day and starting my own time, which is really powerful. I immediately feel ready to have ‘me time’, feeling good about myself and what I’m doing to take care of my body and soul.

If you are thinking about joining, just go for it. It’s a really good community to be part of. It’s encouraging and inclusive. I’ve been to other studios and gym but none are like this. I love the very special care that the instructors give. They cater to everyone of all ages and body types, injuries or needs. The age variation is great too. There’s people from high school right through to in their 70’s or older and everyone gets something out of it.

I would say the one thing I’d take from my classes for the rest of my life is mindfulness, being in the moment and enjoying the moment.

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