Tania Krupka

I first discovered The Studio on Facebook. I had been doing yoga but my upper body strength wasn’t what it could have been. The classes started working almost straight away. I did an introductory pack, which included PT sessions so I was immediately immersed and particularly enjoyed the focus on the different muscles.Coming to The Studio feels really safe. In the past I had injuries but with TSHQ I definitely feel like I am in safe hands.

Physically, I feel much stronger, more centred and upright. My core is holding everything ‘up’ and just generally I feel stronger and more confident, with a better understanding of the mechanics of my body.

Now I go at least three to four times a week. After school drop off is my perfect time or even after work before I head home to start the evening with family. The flexible schedule, filled with classes, makes it easy to find a class most days of the week that works for me.

If there was one class I could do for the rest of my life it would be Mary’s reformer Pilates on a Wednesday morning. She slows the movements right down and it feels like you’re getting into the exact right position every time, so you learn so much, it’s really incredible!

For anyone thinking about going, it’s a fantastic investment. It’s a friendly, supportive community with something for everyone.

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