“Something feels different about you guys” – what it feels like to be part of Hobart’s quality fitness space

You know that feeling when you go into your favourite cafe or that spot in your home that’s just for you? For the guys, that’s often the “man-den” or shed if you’re lucky enough to have one.  For the gals, that spot you’ve picked in the sun and filled with cushions and a basket of mags. Or, scrap that, maybe you have your own she-shed too (in which case, jealous).

Whatever that space looks like,  it’s really what the personal development coaches call a “third space” – a space where you feel like time stops, there’s a buffer between you and your life commitments and you can put your phone on silent, even just for an hour. It’s a re-set for mind, body and brain. And that’s exactly what our clients tell us The Studio feels like to them. ,

So you missed our recent Open Day? We thought we’d kick FOMO to the curb and let you in on the vibes. But with a different twist.

Instead of just recapping on the timetable, or boast-posting about the platters, we thought we’d flip this blog post and make it all about you, based on the feedback on the day from those who attended (people just like you and me – a range of life stages, goals, and fitness levels).

The biggest take-away we had? You guys think there’s something that “feels different ”about the Studio.

So instead of the normal recap-style post, we’ve tried to capture that here. So what does The Studio feel like? Why does it feel so different?

“We thought we’d flip this blog post and make it all about you, based on feedback on the day: you guys think there’s something about us that “feels different”.


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The feeling of a new start

Our Salamanca Studio is still pretty new. And it represents the evolution of our locally-owned business from our original sites at Hobart (just across the road) and Soho (South Hobart for out-of-towners).

There is something extra special about the expansion of local brands. We are Tasmanian, loud and proud. And with the spotlight firmly on our island state right now, we have worked hard to represent the beauty and quality locals and visitors are coming to expect from our southern home.


Luxe touches at The Studio HQ Bathrooms


The attention to detail

They say how you do one thing is how you do everything. So when you walk in the door to a lush smelling Reception area (yep, one of the main Open Day comments was “it smells good” – we’ll own that!), walls tastefully flanked, gallery-style with stunning artwork, not to mention pristine bathrooms styled with that same fresh, contemporary “Studio style” – you can feel the attention to detail.

And yes, you can also expect the same attention to flow through the rest of your experience with us.

That means instructors that pay attention, that are passionate about what they do. That ask about injuries and needs and actually help you tailor your workout accordingly.

In fact, let’s talk some more about them. They need their own heading.


Peter at The Studio Hobart


The instructors

Instructor Pete shared the feeling of opening up The Studio’s doors to the public so articulately, we’re quoting him here:

“We are all so passionate about what we do, and there is nothing better than sharing that with prospective new clients.

“Education is at the core of everything at The Studio, we see ourselves as professionals and take pride in giving you that one-on-one attention.”

The Studio instructors don’t stop at their first qualification then sit back and become complacent. They are always learning, reading and passionate about their personal and professional self-development.

Heard of a new wellness podcast or evolution in fitness thinking and research? Odds are you can discuss it with one of our instructors. All while they check your technique, make sure they have their eyes on you every session, helping you meet your goals, and in Pete’s case, probably jumping off his bike and check you’re working hard enough.


Chat to the friendly Studio HQ Team



You’ll notice something different to the usual gym tour. You feel seen, you feel heard. When you visit us for a chat, we will ask you exactly what your lifestyle, needs are, as well as what types and styles of exercise you’ve previously enjoyed and benefited from.

We won’t sell you a copy and paste package. Because we want you with us long term. We’d like to greet you by name, watch and celebrate your progress with you, and even listen to your feedback on how we can tailor your experience better. Everyone says they want to build a community. We actually mean it. You can see it when a dad comes in with his son to cycle. When a husband and wife go out of their comfort zone and take a pilates class together. And is there anything more heart-warming than mother-daughter yoga.

And that means meaningful questions that get to the heart of what you really want to achieve when you meet us for the first time. How you really want to feel about your fitness: stronger, more accomplished, more limber, confident, part of a community, sleep better and reduce stress, keep up with the kids/grandkids…  or just feel like you can keep up with the other blokes on the bike (or beat them maybe).

Of course, other feels at the Open Day included delicious eats and amazing free classes. But The Studio is a vibrant community that’s always humming with plenty of timetable options, workshops, ideas, chats and new connections being forged each day.

Does that sound like somewhere you might feel at home?

Ready to take your training personal?

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