Staying Balanced in the Lead Up to Christmas

As soon as I start denying myself anything I want it more than ever… so when it comes to Christmas and being surrounded by treats and parties I certainly have my fair share!

However the way I stay balanced and stay feeling good is to stick to my routine of morning walks, healthy food the majority of the time, lots of water and Pilates or Barre classes.

There are so many healthier ‘treat’ options available these days too which makes Christmas time easier such as raw treats, bliss balls, even fruit kebabs and dark chocolate dipped strawberries! These are the kind of foods I will be enjoying as well as some gingerbread… my weakness at Christmas time.

Everything in moderation is always my rule- and nothing beats feeling fresh the next morning for a day of fun with the family… or working haha (small business life) !!

Christmas Eve is the big celebration in my family – we always have lots of salads, seafood, platters and a gingerbread house! (We used to make the gingerbread houses ourself too but then… life got in the way!) we got ours from Jackman and Mcross this year and she is a beauty!

I know that if I maintain a relatively healthy diet and enjoy my days off being active then I feel good all festive season and can end the year on a high!

I love the excitement in the air at Christmas time – especially with the borders opening up. However it’s also a reminder to stay as healthy as possible and good nourishment, movement and sleep is paramount to that!

I was also lucky enough to duck off to a health retreat for a week in the lead up to Xmas which is always a solid reminder about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and being present and in the moment! (Less technology time- more real people time) plus SLEEP is crucial!

If only it was all that easy… but every little bit helps!

Merry Christmas lovely Studio family and I look forward to seeing you around over the festive season! ❤️

by Holly Bowden, Studio Ambassador and Business Owner

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