Uncovering Your True Nutrition Goal

Understand Your Nutrition Goals at The Studio HQ Online

by Peter Eastment, Nutrition Coach

It is great to have a dream, but without a plan or a goal to hit it. That is all it is, a dream. When people start their nutrition journey it is more important than ever to actually know and understand what it is you want to achieve. When you know the goal and have worked through the plan and strategies that are going to get you across the line. Your success is a lot more likely due to the fact you have developed a goal and written them down.

The greater the draw to the goal, the greater the likelihood of your success. People dream about having a body of someone they aspire to or an image that they believe as an individual they need to have to look beautiful. The problem with this is that this isn’t coming from you, it is coming from external influences. When we are motivated externally (Social Media, Athletes, Models) especially in the instance of nutrition the connection to the goal is far less than those who are internally motivated (Self-motivated). This comes down to the individual’s willingness to change.

In this Masterclass, I will lead you through how to process and understand your goal and what the first steps are in beginning your journey. As a nutrition coach, I have heard all different shapes and kinds of goals, which has allowed me to understand how to draw the deep-rooted motivators behind people’s goals to get them to visualise their outcome and provide them with a deeper understanding of what it is they really want to achieve.

As Tony Robbins said:

“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals, that is, goals that do not inspire them”

You have to be excited by your goal and ready to achieve it, and I hope by reading the article you gain a bit more insight into how to achieve yours.

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