The key staple foods in our diet

31st October 2020

by Pete Eastment: Pete is passionate about nutrition, people and helping members improve their wellbeing through movement. Pete is a diploma Qualified Pilates Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Rehab Trainer, Cycle Coach and Boxing Coach. Getting to know your nutrients When we eat it is important to remember that we eat food, not nutrients. That doesn’t […]

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The Studio Academy… what’s the difference?

30th October 2020

by Jo Behrens, Diploma Qualified Pilates Instructor and Pilates Course Leader at The Studio Academy   The Studio Academy was established out of a recognised industry need for Pilates training in Tasmania. To date the process for undertaking Pilates training has been to liaise with a mainland school or company and either train and complete […]

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Perfecting your shoulder stand

20th October 2020

Join Catherine as she takes you through how to achieve a perfect shoulder stand step by step.   Immerse yourself in Yoga! Join us for our 6 day immersive online retreat, to take you deeper into your practices 15th – 20th November with live content to your lounge.   Sign Up Now

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Parenting Through a Pandemic

7th October 2020

by Georgina Glass, Studio Ambassador No stranger to a challenge, I first became a mum to my daughter, Madison, at 18 years old. Three years on, I welcomed my second child, my son Oliver into the world, and within the year, I found myself as a single mum to two at just 22 years old.  […]

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Healthy, Delicious and Chocolatey – The Ultimate Choc Chip Cookie

6th October 2020

Recipe Courtesy of Ali Hargreaves, Nutrition Advisor Ali published her cookbook, Foraging Throughout Tasmania, at the start of 2020. It is a collection of 40 recipes including 20 savoury and 20 sweet recipes and focuses on nourishing and nutritious meals, along with some more indulgent treats to provide balance in the lives of each reader. […]

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10 Minute No Equipment Morning Routine

5th October 2020

This quick morning sequence will help you step up your mental and physical game for the day ahead.   Enjoy a 2 week trial on us! Now that you have your morning routine sorted, continue your practice with your choice of unlimited Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Cycle, Personal Training, mindfulness and more. Sign-up to a free […]

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7 Immediate Benefits of a Private Session

21st September 2020

Whether you’re looking to get started and googling Pilates classes near me, or you’ve been coming to reformer Pilates sessions forever you’ll find the benefits of private sessions immediate and remarkable. While group sessions are fun and always motivating… here’s 7 immediate benefits you’ll get from private sessions that you just can’t always receive in […]

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Broken Collarbone and Burst Vertebrae – Mia’s Road to Recovery

17th September 2020

By Mia Russell, Studio HQ Ambassador In January 2019, I was involved in a head-on car collision on the way to my sister’s birthday party. As we approached a sharp corner a car travelling in the opposite direction cut the corner and came onto our side of the road, smashing directly into us. The car […]

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The Best Office Exercises of 2020

13th August 2020

Technology and office layouts have come a long way in the last decade but nearly all of our design decisions when it comes to the office environment are based around 1. Comfort and, 2. Productivity It’s no wonder that we’ve seen an almost 10% increase in the average workers daily sitting time over the last […]

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The Challenge of Balancing Life as The First Lady of Cricket

12th August 2020

by Bonnie Paine, Studio Ambassador and member of 5 years I am a registered nurse, working mum, wife of a guy called Tim, and we have two kids, Milla (3) and Charlie (22 months). My husband, Tim, has his own unique story, but in a nutshell, he is the captain for the Australian Men’s cricket […]

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Uncovering Your True Nutrition Goal

11th August 2020

by Peter Eastment, Nutrition Coach It is great to have a dream, but without a plan or a goal to hit it. That is all it is, a dream. When people start their nutrition journey it is more important than ever to actually know and understand what it is you want to achieve. When you […]

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Make your own nutritious Rice Paper Rolls with Ali Hargreaves

27th July 2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to the new Nutrition Masterclasses in The Studio HQ Online, we have enlisted the help of the incredibly talented local foodie, Ali Hargreaves. Ali is a Hobart native and long time friend of The Studio HQ team, who has written a cookbook of her own – Foraging Throughout Tasmania. […]

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Introducing Nutrition to The Studio HQ Online

23rd July 2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing The Studio HQ, we have just launched a new program, aimed at supporting our members through their wellness journey. The Studio HQ’s nutrition portal provides step by step guides, videos and exclusive recipes that will teach participants how to manage their diet and get the most out […]

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Meet Holly as she takes on Tassie!

13th July 2020

The Studio HQ’s own ‘Take On Tassie’ host reveals secret getaways in local’s own backyards. by Holly Bowden I love keeping fit and active, taking on all of the opportunities life throws at me. I’m currently studying law, training hard at The Studio HQ and in my ‘spare’ time, I also host a brand new […]

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5 Best Exercises to Help with Hip Pain

25th June 2020

by Peter Eastment Our hips can withstand a fair amount of pressure and repeated load and are one of the biggest joints in the body. Our hips cushion the load from the pressure when we run, and accommodate for almost 360 degrees of range to allow us to work to the ends of our range. […]

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How My Online Studio Routine Saved My Butt (Literally) During COVID-19!

4th June 2020

by Sarah Clark In a time when things are so rapidly changing, the saviour for me has been the introduction of a routine.  I work in the travel industry so the lead up to our local restrictions were pretty stressful for me, particularly as we were dealing with border closures around the world before COVID […]

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We’re BACK! Important Information About Our Reopening

29th May 2020

On Monday, June 15, The Studio will reopen its doors for the first time in more than 10 weeks. We are super excited to welcome all our wonderful members back, to teach face to face again and see everyone’s smiling faces. Reopening doesn’t come without caution and we want to assure all our members that […]

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Making the most of ‘me’ time to save your skin during isolation

25th May 2020

by Dr Asha Ram Founder & Medical Director SANCTUM MEDICAL AESTHETICS       Life in 2020 has certainly been an adjustment! The main change for me, as no doubt for you too, has been the disruption to my established daily routine. I’ve been loving The Studio Online classes and making the most of reallocating […]

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How to beat ‘Iso’ and come out of COVID-19 stronger than ever!

18th May 2020

By Bell Williams With all Australians currently practicing social distancing, and many still living and working in isolation, it can be easy to fall into the trap of overindulging in items from the fridge or pantry. But it is in times like these, however, that it is crucial to maintain good nutrition in order to […]

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Meet Jo and join us on a 12 week transformation journey

11th May 2020

As any great teacher will tell you, one must possess an undivided passion for their craft in order to truly convey the best of it to their students. To be an instructor, you not only need to have a full understanding of the movements and exercises involved but you also need to have practiced them […]

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