Using The Studio F.I.T. system to find the right membership

7th June 2019

Choosing the perfect membership is something we help people do daily so we thought we’d write this blog to help you start your journey with us the right way.... Read More

Our Membership Options Explained

5th June 2019

In this edition of the Studio blog we take a deep dive into our membership options. We breakdown all of the details and give you everything you need to know to make the right choice.... Read More

“Something feels different about you guys” – what it feels like to be part of Hobart’s quality fitness space

3rd May 2019

So you missed our recent Open Day? We thought we’d kick fomo to the curb and let you in on the vibes. But with a different twist.... Read More

How to nail your Half Roll backs

26th April 2019

The Studio's Ema Hevey shares her top tips for doing effective half roll backs for a strong core.... Read More

Reasons to Ride Inside

27th July 2018

In this edition of the Studio blog we take you through the many benefits of Indoor Cycling and put the spotlight on two of our signature Cycle classes - Suf Cycle and Cycle & Core. Enjoy all the benefits of riding without the wind, rain, potholes and angry motorists.... Read More

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