Barrecode, a new & unique training modality combining Pilates and functional strength

10th December 2017

Barrecode is a unique concept created, here in Hobart, that combines Pilates and functional strength and mobility movements based around a wall sprung Barre.The combination is designed to give you a full body workout that includes cardio, strength training, and restoration.... Read More

Yoga. Unique to every individual and more than just flexibility

3rd December 2017

With Yoga now being offered at The Studio in South Hobart, we take a closer look at this ancient practice and how it can benefit you.... Read More

Indoor Cycling, why it’s more than just sitting on a bike

27th November 2017

Indoor cycling takes away all the negative aspects and experiences of riding.  You can completely focus on your workout – it removes all the challenging obstacles of cycling And allows you to enjoy the experience.... Read More

David McQuillen A.K.A ‘Chief Suffering Officer’ of The Sufferfest

17th August 2017

Confronted with what appeared to be a terminal case of Turbo Trainer Boredom Syndrome (TTBS) back in 2009, David refused to give in to his demons. Teaching himself how to edit video and after negotiating rights with major races (something he’d never done before), he created his first Suffer-fest video and inflicted it on the world. With confidence boosted after being called an “assassin,” “sadist,” and other such terms of endearment, and having realised his true calling was to spread agony and misery across the land, David quit his career in banking to focus full time on the ‘fest and his young family. He loves all the videos equally -- although Revolver has a special place in his lactic acid soaked heart.... Read More

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